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Our Names are Cheyenne Gentry and Shaina Salazar. We belive that Illiteracy is a problem in the Pacific. Yet, people seem to ignore it! So we are here to share our thoughts and questions about illiteracy.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Solution to the problem

These are ways that can answer the illiteracy problem in Fiji and other Pacific Islands. First way the question "can this problem be fixed?", the answer to that is YES! We ca fix this problem. It is only if the people and yourself decides that you can learn to read and write. Its your decisions! Another way is that, this porblem wasnt damaged that much.The problem with illiteracy wasnt that big of a topic. Illiteracy didnt have a lot of damge. This makes the little damage repairable. The next way we can fix illiteracy is, that each idividual can do these things. Things that can help illiteracy can be small things, like donating books, and writing supplies to charity. Even tutoring others who have trouble in reading and writing will be fine too. Also, the communitys can help solve this problem. They could help others in need, and teach them how to read and write, and also donate money or charity to buy new supplies for thoes in need. Community Charity drives can help too! Furthermore, the Pacific Islands can solve this problem by accepting these gifts (Charity) and putting them to good use. They could try to learn it and work on it untill they are good at it, then they could go teach others who dont know it. Another good thing is that we dont need to spend a lot of money on this! Little things like donating a used book can help a lot! Even volunterring is good too! Finally, once this problem is fixed, this can be prevented from happening again is by working together. Working together is important when it comes to these kind of problems. Team work is used a lot during these times when people need to learn a lot of new things. Illiteracy can be pervented from happening again if we all work hard together and learn, learn, LEARN! These are the ways we can solve the problem of illiteracy in the Pacific!
Remember,illiteracy is something we dont want, so lets work hard together to stop this problem.You could help in many ways, so lets get started!


Deion said...

Very descriptive makes me feel like donating but there are a couple of spelling problems ;p

Sabrina&Ronica; said...

Wow you put a lot of effort in this blog. Very good information in your blog.

Paige and Anthony said...

I think that your blog is very good. You got a lot of information and your blog grabs people attention. You also wrote alot but I dont think that all of it is in Step Up to Writing format thought. Other than that your blog is GREAT!!!! My soultion to your problem is to make more charites and organizations for the problem. Like you said people can donate supplies and money. Also people could volunteer to go teach the women, children and men in the places where illiteracy is a problem. That is my soultion to illiteracy.

Anonymous said...

Nicely written, but loads of silly spelling mistakes!